Aircel Launches Free Incoming Calls on National Roaming

Aircel Launches Free Incoming Calls on National Roaming

Describing the current state of telecom industry in India as chaos might be a gross understatement. Aircel has now created a fresh stir as it has said in a statement that its subscribers will now be able to enjoy free incoming calls on national roaming.

In order to activate free incoming calls while roaming on Aircel networks, users need to simply dial in *121*909#. The company has clarified that users will be able to enjoy free incoming calls while on roaming without any additional charges.

“We understand that a lot of our customers head to their homes, travel to meet their friends or go for holidays during the onset of summers. Therefore, we are delighted to announce free incoming calls on roaming for all our customers which will help them stay seamlessly connected and speak long hours with their loved ones even on roaming,” Anupam Vasudev, chief marketing officer at Aircel, was quoted as saying in company’s release. “We want to ensure that our customers not only enjoy economical propositions but also the benefits of staying with us,” he added.

In February, Airtel announced that the company would stop charging users for incoming calls while roaming across India. Additionally, the company said that it will stop asking users for premium charges on outgoing calls while on roaming.

Another major telecom player, Idea Cellular, announced in March that the company would also start providing free roaming facility on incoming calls to its customers in India, starting from April 1.

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