Apple Event: Here’S All That’S Expected To Be Announced At Today’S Iphone Launch

Apple Event: Here’S All That’S Expected To Be Announced At Today’S Iphone Launch

Once again, it’s that time of the year when Apple CEO, Tim Cook takes to the stage and announces a bunch of new iPhones, with some new accessories and the usual update to the Apple Watch. However, this year, things are expected to get a bit more exciting (for Android fans waiting to shame Apple) as all of the new iPhones are actually expected to look identical, save for their physical size.

Also expected at this year’s ‘Gather round’ event (which we tried to decode) is a slightly revamped design for what is the most successful smartwatch in years, the Apple Watch. So let’s take a quick look at what’s in store at this year’s iPhone announcement, set to take place on 12 September, today at the Steve Jobs Theatre.


The pre-show of today’s event starts at 9.00 am Pacific Time, which is 9.30 pm Indian Standard Time. And the event starts at 10 am, which would be 10.30 pm for people watching from India. For more details about when and where to watch the event live, head here.

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New iPhones

For all practical purposes, the iPhone is the most important product at today’s event and from all that we have gathered so far, Apple is expected to launch a total of three new iPhones this year.

From the numerous leaks and rumours online, the iPhone 8 will get replaced by a device called the iPhone XC, the iPhone X with a device called the iPhone Xs and the iPhone 8 Plus with a worthy successor called the iPhone Xs Max (or iPhone Xs 6.5-inch).

Current iPhone models Display size and type New replacement Display Size and type
iPhone SE 4-inch, LCD None None
iPhone 8 4.7-inch, LCD iPhone XC 6.1-inch, LCD
iPhone X 5.8-inch, OLED iPhone Xs / iPhone Xs 5.8-inch 5.8-inch, OLED
iPhone 8 Plus 5.5-inch, LCD iPhone Xs Max / iPhone Xs 6.5-inch 6.5-inch, OLED

Basically, all the devices get a worthy upgrade even if all of them now look very similar.

Yes, according to a Bloomberg report, Apple could be looking to drop the ‘Plus’ branding this year, with both of its high-end iPhone models being christened as the iPhone Xs.

We’ve also learned that Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who released a couple of his latest predictions, guesses that the production of the rumored 6.1-inch iPhone with an LCD has been postponed to late September to early October due to quality issues with the assembly and display. This is the same phone that is being popularly referred to as the XC. According to Bloomberg, however, Apple has considered calling that ‘iPhone Xr.’ The other alleged name of this device is the iPhone 9.

Dummy of the upcoming iPhones. Screenshot Mac Otakara

If Apple does drop the ‘Plus’ branding, there will be an iPhone Xs 5.8-inch model and an iPhone Xs 6.5-inch model.

Apple could also decide to go ahead and call its biggest iPhone, the iPhone Xs Max, but that sounds very ‘Asus-like’ (it has the maximum number of ‘Max’ branded smartphones) so we believe that Apple will go easy on the naming and stick to its iPad-like branding calling both devices with one name instead.

In short, it’s going get a lot more awkward this year to explain that brilliant new iPhone purchase you made to office colleagues and friends, more so because they will all have that ugly notch and mainly be differentiated only by their physical size. Here’s what we are expecting………Read More>>


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