National Temperature Control Day – September 23, 2019

National Temperature Control Day – September 23, 2019

Surprise! Despite what various holiday weekend sales events would have you believe, summer does not begin on Memorial Day — nor does it end on Labor Day.

One thing’s for sure though — as summer turns to fall, things will get a little “chill,” and not just in a millennial kind of way. That’s why we celebrate National Temperature Control Day on September 23 — the Northern Hemisphere’s fall equinox — otherwise known as the first “official” day of autumn 2019.


This year, we’re thrilled to partner with the highly innovative American manufacturing company PolyScience to bring you this holiday. PolyScience has provided the world with precise and reliable temperature control solutions since 1963. Their dedication to quality and ease of operation has resulted in a global presence spanning six continents.

A wide variety of businesses turn to PolyScience to help control their temperature needs all year long. The list ranges from culinary, automotive, and lasers — to lab research, aerospace, and even the cannabis industry.

This national holiday marks the official beginning of fall when things get just a bit “cooler” for everyone.

After that, autumn starts to usher in golden leaves, Halloween, Thanksgiving, family gatherings, and falling temperatures. Weather patterns remain beyond our control, although inside, the temperature’s always under control, especially when fall turns a bit frosty.

But we’ve still got some time for all of that. Get comfortable as we celebrate both National Temperature Control Day and the approach of fall. 

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