We Are Actually Begging You to Make Your Venmo Transactions Private

We Are Actually Begging You to Make Your Venmo Transactions Private

We get it, it’s fun to choose the perfect emoji when sending or requesting money from friends on Venmo. It shouldn’t be so much fun, but somehow, it is. But everyone needs to find a new way to get three seconds of joy, because you’re putting yourself at risk if you don’t have your Venmo account set to “private.”

The newest scam targeting users: a flood of payment requests from strangers. According to a report from BuzzFeed News, users who have recently made public transactions are being hit with a flurry of requests, for money and to be friends on the app.

 The requests ranged from $1 to $100 in the cases BuzzFeed examined, and most of the requests were from accounts with pictures of women; one account featured a photo of a musician but had a different name attached. The common denominator: The requests started coming after a user had made a public transaction.

If this mess sounds familiar, it’s because it is! In 2018, we pointed out how easy it is for someone to view your Venmo transactions and make judgements about your activities—and in some cases, decide to hit you up for money.

There’s also the flip side of this, which is where someone you don’t know could actually send you money you aren’t expecting, either by mistake or under more nefarious motives.

It all comes down to one major issue: Your Venmo transactions are set to “public,” for all to see. If you think “That’s not me, I’m more careful than that,” go take a look at your account right now.

Venmo makes “public” the default for every account, leaving it up to you to change your transactions (either as a default, or case-by-case), to be viewed by friends on the app or by the involved parties only.

By sharing publicly that you just sent or received money from someone, you’re showing anyone who’s watching that you’re comfortable using the app and you probably have an active Venmo balance…Read more>>